Advanced Hidden Fence for Small Dogs (FlexTrainer™ Mini Series)

Hidden Fence

Advanced Hidden Fence for Small Dogs (FlexTrainer™ Mini Series)

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In or Above Ground Premium Dog Fence For Effective Training By Sit Boo-Boo
Build your home pet containment system in a fast and easy manner, and teach your dogs proper boundaries. This kit includes a transmitter, long cord and wireless dog collar. To help you establish limits for your pets safely and with guaranteed success.

Easy Installation, Complete Coverage
Our system’s in-ground cord design allows you total control over the area you want to protect, unlike the rigid, circular effects of cordless systems. Install the cord in shallow ground around the target space and follow our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. The interaction between transmitter, cord, and dog collar will do the rest automatically.

Portable Size
The whole containment system of transmitter, cord and collars weighs little and is of compact size, so you can transport it easily to a new home or your vacation house.

Safe and Harmless
Your pet's health and safety is our top priority. We have made sure that the radio wave frequencies used in our containment system are totally safe for dogs. The vibrations and tiny shocks used in the collars only have training effect with no impact at all on their physical or psychological health.

Risk-Free Purchase
You can go ahead and buy with no fear. We are always here to answer questions and address your concerns. Our Lifetime Replacement guarantee covers you in the unlikely event that our wireless dog fence isn’t exactly what you need.

Lightweight with smaller collar size makes this a perfect for your little ones
The unit is capable of covering up to 20 acres of land. Teach your dogs to behave in the easiest manner with no frustrating episodes. If your pets have proven stubborn and hard-to-train, trespassing spaces they’re not supposed to be in, our FlexTrainer Hidden Fence will quickly set boundaries, and train them to learn the off-limits places for them.
Built tough to withstand whatever your little friend throws its way. These collars are completely waterproof and are able to be submerged for extended periods of time. This system is perfect for dogs 10 lbs and up. If your little ones are smaller than 10 lbs please see our MINI FlexTrainer for smaller pups.
Our intelligent collar tracks your pups distance from the boundary and progressively increases the correction as it approaches. Perfect for timid pups all the way to stubborn creatures.
Our collars are equipped with TONE & a progressive STATIC settings, allowing the FlexTrainer to tailor training to your pup's personality by sensing behavior and movement.
We made absolutely sure that our containment system is completely safe and harmless to your pet. The correction process works with vibrations and tiny shocks that are successful in changing behavior and directing your pets, with no other effect on their health.