Advanced Hidden Fence (FlexTrainer™ Series)

Hidden Fence

Advanced Hidden Fence (FlexTrainer™ Series)

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Easy Installation

Dogs are naturally curious. Some areas of your yard need more protection than others. Our system’s in-ground design allows you total control over the area you want to protect.

Portable Size

The entire system is so light and compact, you can easily take it with you on vacation, visiting the in-laws or anywhere else your family adventures may take you.

Super Safe

As Pet Parents, safety is your number one concern. You can be sure the radio wave frequencies & gentle 5 level corrections are totally safe for your pups.

Risk-Free Purchasing

We guarantee your product for defects, so you don't have to worry about returns. Our talented team has got your back 100% of the time. Just give us a call if you need help or advice.

Great for Large Spaces

Capable of covering upto 20 acres of land to keep your pooch from trespassing on those grumpy neighbor's lawn. Every child needs to know the boundaries.

Auto-Train Smarts

Your pup is smart. Your fence needs to be smarter. Our tech tracks your furry friend as he nears the fence, gradually increasing gentle correction with Tone, Vibration and Static. A reminder he's out-of-bounds.

Splash Proof

Today's active hounds are always into outdoor activities. And you'll be prepared for any situation with the latest IPV7 Waterproof Technology.The collar is even entirely submergible.

Gutsy Wire

You drive, mow and trim. Don't sacrifice your fence with a simple break in the wire. FlexTrainer comes with 500ft of super sturdy 20 gauge solid Copper Wire to stay strong. 

Comfy Design

Ensure your little bundle of fluff is always in a good mood. Between the correction levels and the collar designed, we've made sure comfort is key.

What's included


Battery and Power


Water Resistance








Adjusting Sensitivity


Environmental Requirements


Syncing and Notifications


What is the recommended age for using such training collars?
We recommend waiting until your pup is 6 months and older. Also you pup should had have a basic understanding of commands such as “stay”, “come” & “sit”

Is the static correction harmful to your pup’s skin?
Absolutely not. When set on “static correction” the Protrainer is designed to provide an uncomfortable but harmless electrical sensation. It is unpleasant yes but not harmful



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review