Dog Fence Standard Boundary Wire (for Hidden Fence Classic)

Hidden Fence

Dog Fence Standard Boundary Wire (for Hidden Fence Classic)

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22 Gauge Solid Copper wire will add an additional 955 ft to your Hidden Fence system. 

  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE DOG TRAINING: Teach your dogs to behave in the easiest manner with no frustrating episodes. If your pets have proven stubborn and hard-to-train, trespassing spaces they’re not supposed to be in, our wireless electric fence will quickly set boundaries, and train them to learn the off-limits places for them. Add an unlimited number of collars!
  • SAFE FOR YOUR PET: We made absolutely sure that our containment system is completely safe and harmless to your pet. The correction process works with vibrations and tiny shocks that are successful in changing behavior and directing your pets, with no other effect on their health. Their training collars provide a perfect, comfortable fit and they’re easily rechargeable.
  • THE LATEST IN WIRELESS FENCE TECHNOLOGY: With our containment system’s in-ground fence cords, you will be able to easily set up an hidden boundary for your pets. Our transmitter device is attractively designed, uses the latest radio wave technology and offers 5 correction levels for precise training. You will have no trouble setting it up quick and easy, using our clear and detailed instruction manual.
  • LONG AND CUSTOMIZABLE RANGE: The unit comes with enough wire to cover 1.2 acres. With our system’s in-ground cord, you will be able to cover the exact area you want, without the troublesome radio holes of cordless alternatives. Place the cord in shallow ground around the precise space you need to protect, and our transmitter will do the rest. Our transmitter can properly service up to 5 acres, should you acquire more cord.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY: We are confident you will be completely satisfied with our dog training and containment system. Should something go wrong know that we will have you covered.

    Does the wire have to be buried?
    Absolutely not. The wire can be affixed either above ground or under ground.

    Can I attach the wire to an existing physical fence?
    Yes. The boundary wire can be run through or wrapped around an existing physical fence