Remote (Advanced Hidden Fence Flextrainer)


Remote (Advanced Hidden Fence Flextrainer)

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We believe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

A perfect way to cure your pet’s pesky bad habits. Our Training Collar is the same collar used by many professional dog whisperers and trainers. Perfect for Barking, Walking, Leash Training, Sitting, Aggression, and other Behavioral Obedience Training. Expertly train 2 dogs at once while you switch between channels with ease – helping YOU control any situation. Durable waterproof construction and dependable signal range make this the perfect companion to break up your pet’s old annoying habits or teach them new ones.


★ BOOSTED BATTERY LIFE – Quickly rechargeable long lasting lithium-ion batteries are boosted with an “sleep mode” function designed to save battery life and improve performance

★ LARGE LCD SCREEN W/ VARIABLE OPTIONS – Easy access to Tone, Vibration, or Shock settings with complete customization. Control the type and intensity of training like a professional trainer, so you can tailor the training to your dog and your situation

★ WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION – Our premium construction is completely waterproof unlike most remotes in the market.


What is the recommended age for using such training collars? 
We recommend waiting until your pup is 6 months and older. Also you pup should had have a basic understanding of commands such as “stay”, “come” & “sit”

Is the static correction harmful to your pup’s skin? 
Absolutely not. When set on “static correction” the Flextrainer is designed to provide an uncomfortable but harmless electrical sensation. It is unpleasant yes but not harmful

What is the most common correction setting? 
The Flextrainer has 3 different correction settings – TONE, VIBRATION & STATIC with multiple sensitivity levels, so it allows you to tailor the training to your pup’s temperament & tolerance. It is important to know your dog but we recommend starting with TONE & VIBRATION before using the static setting.

Can we attach the Flextrainer to an existing leash/collar? 
Yes, you certainly can. Please ensure it is a non-metallic collar for maximum results